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5.3L N 2 2004 2dr Blazer Ls Updated 01/10/2023

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2004 Chevy Blazer Ls 2dr
. I am putting a 5.3L (L59) from a 03 GMC Yukon drive by wire with the summit racing Pistons Chevy performance head gaskets and 243 heads Mill down to 62 CC my compression will be 10.6.1 CR. Should work well with the 2004 LS6 Corvette camshaft I'm going to be using. And a 2006 4L60E C/N 6CPD C-Police Truck transmission from a retired NYPD fleet Chevrolet Tahoe.

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Parts list.
5.3L L59 from 2003 GMC Yukon SLT.
159K Miles on it when pulled.
New GM Performance Camshaft from 2004 LS6 Corvette P/N 12565308.
Gen 3 243 64cc Heads milled down to 62cc.
DELPHI 12613412 50lb Ev6 injectors.
Chevrolet Performance Head Gaskets -12575329 Compressed Thickness 0.052 in.
Chevrolet performance valve springs P/N 19420455.
Brian Tooley Racing Rocker Arm Trunnion Upgrade Kit BTRTK001NB.
Gen IV Rods P/N 19209286.
ARP 134-3609 Performance Series Cylinder Head Bolt Kit.
ARP 134-6006 Connecting Rod Stud Kit.
Current performance Motor mounts & Blazer 2WD transmission crossmember RCS10B-700 .
GM 302-1 muscle oil pan
GM PERFORMANCE Dipstick Tube P/N 12570787
GM PERFORMANCE Dipstick P/N 12570788
Holly Blackheart
exhaust manifold P/N 7122 30 26 HKR.
2006 C/N 6CPD C-Police Truck 4L60e transmission from a retired NYPD fleet Chevrolet Tahoe with TransGo shift kit HD-GM92 TMBX torque converter for now.
Also with Sonnax heavy duty 3-4 clutch plate kit with 7 clutch pack I'm using Raybestos GPZ105 clutch set and upgraded to AC-Delco P/N (24241244) rear heavy duty 5 - pinion planetary and I order a Sonnax 77284-K front six pinion planetary it will change first and second gear ratio. First Gear Ratio: 2.84: 1, Second Gear Ratio: 1.55:1.

Holly Blackhart AC evaporator side cover P/N 71223028HKR.
Speedway motors 4130 chromoly steel Upper Control Arm P/N 91605012
LS1 Camaro / GTO water pump with LS1 Camaro / GTO harmonic balancer. With modified alternator / power steering bracket to line up with GTO harmonic balancer and water pump.
Melling M295HV High Volume Oil Pump with 60 PSI spring.
Melling BD417-DBRKT - Melling Timing Chain Dampener Bracket
Dirty Dingo DD-LS-AC-LM-CMV lower passenger side mount A/C bracket kit with Sanden SD7B10 mini compressor.
Quantum-340lph-direct-drop-in-performance-fuel-pump-assembly for 2dr 2wd Blazer P/N QFS-A822HV.
(30-4110) UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Summit Racing SUM-326943780-2F Forged Pistons + 2cc dome Bore 3.780.
My compression will be 10.6.1 CR.

Custom engine cover for TBSS intake manifold.
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Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Entertainment Audio equipment Automotive engine gasket

Automotive tire Gas Motor vehicle Auto part Nut

Automotive air manifold Motor vehicle Gas Auto part Engineering

Camshaft from 2004 LS6 Corvette P/N 12565308.
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Locking hubs Motor vehicle

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting Rim

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Belltech spindles P/N.2102 and 2/3-in drop springs P/N.23228.
Belltech 3-in drop leaf springs P/N.5964. with 1-in lowering block with2 Degree Taper P/N 6002.
Sitting on Vision-Torque 20x8.5 & 235/35/R20 Tires.
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Mine is DBW. TrailBlazer pedal. I believe the TAC module is from the same vehicle. It was plug & Play with the CPW harness. Cruise works fine.
If you can can you take some pictures of your setup and post them I would most appreciate it. I'm going to order the wiring harness and accessories from current performance for the swap. I'm picking the engine up Wednesday it's out of an 03 Yukon with the tac module and gas pedal and ECU.
Thanks oldeerslayer & Rhotpursuit for getting back to me with the pictures and info I will take all the information I can get on the doing this swap. I picked up the 5.3 today had to wait 3 days for them to pull it out.

And here the beast it came from. 03 GMC Yukon SLT
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I ordered some parts today. I ordered the oil pan and motor mounts from current performance and the transmission crossmember and exhaust manifolds hooker Blackheart from Holley. Also ordered flywheel spacer and Holley Blackheart evaporator core cover and Hitachi ETB0019 Throttle Body and starter . It's funny how fast all this adds up.
When I started mine I was writing down each item and the total cost including gas or shipping. About 6 months in I stopped adding to the list. It was getting too painful to know how much this was really costing.
Just dropped $400 today on some cheap Federal sticky tires to put on the $400 set of C5 wheels and $100 worth of spacers.
Cheap tires and used wheels mounted and balanced with new lug nuts $1K+. Next month a grand for a steering box and shocks. Been doing this for a year.
And I just add more I order 19420455 - Chevrolet Performance Valve Springs & GM (12565308) factory LS6 Camshaft that should add a little pep to the 5.3 I will lose a little torque on the bottom end but I will gain more on the top end with this cam and still have decent idle.
Trucks and SUV with Vortec engine
Year Part # Duration* Valve Lift LSA

00-04 12560967 191/190 .457/.466 114
the 03-04 LM7 used the 12560967 camshaft
Corvette LS6
PART NUMBER 12565308 – 2002-04 LS6 CAM CARD DATA:
1.70 ROCKER RATIO Lift: @Cam @Valve EXHAUST: 0.322 0.548 INTAKE: 0.324 0.551
Cam [email protected] Tappet Lift: Open Close Adv. Duration
Cam [email protected] Tappet Lift: Open Close Duration
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And since a stock tune is no longer appropriate add $800 for a dyno tune. Make sure the tuner doesn't lock it and that he gives you a copy on a thumb drive in case your PCM should fail.
I'm going to buy an HP tuner and have them use that when it's tuned that way I get to keep my tune plus when I'm done with this truck I will be starting on my other one. I'm thinking of doing a 6.0 or 7.0 on that one that's going to be my fun truck.
I Did a compression check today on the 5.3 it is between 180 and 210 through all the cylinders and I pulled the valve covers looks clean inside rocker arms and the plugs look like they've been burning good who ever had the motor actually took decent care of it. I also picked up a LS1 water pump and ordered the 3/4 spacer from ICT billet.
Found this at my local U-Pull-It for $7.99 nice addition to my 5.3.

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Nice....what intake are you running?
Right now I'm sticking with the truck intake until I get it smog approved here. California like's to make it difficult to motor swap . Once I get past all that I will see what my options are. Right now everything is going slow all the parts I've ordered current performance motor mounts gm oil pan Holly exhaust manifolds are delayed for 4 to 6 weeks the only thing I am receiving is the Hooker BlackHeart Transmission Crossmember this week.
That was the impression I got. Everything from China seems to have slowed in the last 6 months. I think every factory over there is making face masks for the world. Saw an article on the news tonight about traffic jams in the shipping lanes between here and there. It's ironic they started this whole mess and now they're the one profiting from it.
BTW that was not an Anti-Asian remark. It was a simple observation.
Tell me about it my supervisor told me that LA docs are 30 plus deep in cargo ships waiting to be unloaded it sucks the product I install for work is stuck on one of those cargo containers so my stock is running thin. Doesn't really matter right now because all my dealerships are not getting any new cars in. They use to get 20 to 30 cars a day now I'm lucky to see 2 or 3 a week right now if it wasn't for used cars I would be underwater and there's not that many of those since the prices have tripled on used cars the demand is high for them.
Just ordered a LS bellhousing and HD-GM92 TMBX torque converter .I decided to swap the 4.3 bell housing off my 4l60e instead of doing the spacer on the flywheel to make the 4.3 bell housing and converter work.

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A picture from the inside of my new radiator making sure it was a three row like they said. The eBay fans need to go but for $170.00 to my door can't beat the price radiator with fan shroud cut for two 12-in fans. I have the same radiator in my work truck for the last 5 years with no issues.

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I got lucky today found a good 4l60e (C/N 6CPD C- Police Truck) out of a 06 Tahoe 2wd from NYPD fleet vehicle for $190.00 at my local Pick-n-Pull looks like it was rebuilt back in March of 2017 there's a sticker on the torque converter. The only bad thing is the brain surgeon that works there used an air chisel to poke a hole through the pan and it went through the 1-2 accumulator housing then they used that yellow crayon like marker to try to plug up the hole and turn the fluid yellow-ish red in the pan. So I need to replace the pan and the 1-2 accumulator housing and it should be all good. I'm going to check with my local transmission shops see if any of them have a transmission Dyno so I can have them check it out.

Update 12/30/22. Spoke with PDQ. The torque converter pictured below I found out is not the correct one for this particular 4L60e this torque converter is for a 05-06 4.3L 4L60e with a stall of 1800 to 2000 RPM. PDQ told me to remove it and toss it in the garbage. They said it's probably damaged from me and installed onto the wrong engine and more likely dump carbon weave all through the transmission if I try to use it. I already have a new HD torque converter to replace it.



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Just picked up a set of 243 heads today a good match for my LS6 cam. And I also finished up my 06 (C/N 6CPD C- Police Truck) 4L60e I replaced the pan that was damaged and replaced the 1-2 accumulator housing that was also damaged. I also did a TransGo SK-4L60E Shift Kit & Valve Body Separator Plate . And I cleaned and painted the transmission.


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I finally got my Hooker manifolds 71223026HKR . I originally ordered them from Holly but after 6 months of waiting they email me yesterday morning saying they will not have them until October of this year. So I canceled the order with Holly and ordered them from summit racing yesterday got them today. Now I need to sand off where it says hooker then take them over and have ceramic coating done and it will look nice and help keep some of the heat off the upper a-arms. . And for you guys that ask why here in California where they suck the fun out of everything automotive they're not legal for Street use here.

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I sanded and retextured my hooker manifolds today now I need to take them over to the powder coat shop to have them do the ceramic coating.



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UPS finally showed up with my 243 heads yesterday now I can get them off to the machine shop.

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Unless the inspection guy crawls down by the manifolds like a snake, he'd never see the Hooker name.
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Right now I am looking at it like this I just need to make it through the next year and a half and I won't have to worry about the stupid California smog laws anymore I'm retiring in early 23 me and the wife decided to move to New Mexico from what I understand the smog laws are much more relaxed there.
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Update I found out my frame is bent in the front end. It is completely fubar. So I picked up another frame to put in my blazer the good thing about that is I can set up the 5.3 and get the prep work done on the frame before I put it in the Blazer. Also clean and paint the frame . I know it's not necessary nobody really looks at the frame but I know it's nice.


And may the donor Blazer Rest In Pieces.

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