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5.3L N 2 2004 2dr Blazer Ls Updated 01/10/2023

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2004 Chevy Blazer Ls 2dr
. I am putting a 5.3L (L59) from a 03 GMC Yukon drive by wire with the summit racing Pistons Chevy performance head gaskets and 243 heads Mill down to 62 CC my compression will be 10.6.1 CR. Should work well with the 2004 LS6 Corvette camshaft I'm going to be using. And a 2006 4L60E C/N 6CPD C-Police Truck transmission from a retired NYPD fleet Chevrolet Tahoe.

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Parts list.
5.3L L59 from 2003 GMC Yukon SLT.
159K Miles on it when pulled.
New GM Performance Camshaft from 2004 LS6 Corvette P/N 12565308.
Gen 3 243 64cc Heads milled down to 62cc.
DELPHI 12613412 50lb Ev6 injectors.
Chevrolet Performance Head Gaskets -12575329 Compressed Thickness 0.052 in.
Chevrolet performance valve springs P/N 19420455.
Brian Tooley Racing Rocker Arm Trunnion Upgrade Kit BTRTK001NB.
Gen IV Rods P/N 19209286.
ARP 134-3609 Performance Series Cylinder Head Bolt Kit.
ARP 134-6006 Connecting Rod Stud Kit.
Current performance Motor mounts & Blazer 2WD transmission crossmember RCS10B-700 .
GM 302-1 muscle oil pan
GM PERFORMANCE Dipstick Tube P/N 12570787
GM PERFORMANCE Dipstick P/N 12570788
Holly Blackheart
exhaust manifold P/N 7122 30 26 HKR.
2006 C/N 6CPD C-Police Truck 4L60e transmission from a retired NYPD fleet Chevrolet Tahoe with TransGo shift kit HD-GM92 TMBX torque converter for now.
Also with Sonnax heavy duty 3-4 clutch plate kit with 7 clutch pack I'm using Raybestos GPZ105 clutch set and upgraded to AC-Delco P/N (24241244) rear heavy duty 5 - pinion planetary and I order a Sonnax 77284-K front six pinion planetary it will change first and second gear ratio. First Gear Ratio: 2.84: 1, Second Gear Ratio: 1.55:1.

Holly Blackhart AC evaporator side cover P/N 71223028HKR.
Speedway motors 4130 chromoly steel Upper Control Arm P/N 91605012
LS1 Camaro / GTO water pump with LS1 Camaro / GTO harmonic balancer. With modified alternator / power steering bracket to line up with GTO harmonic balancer and water pump.
Melling M295HV High Volume Oil Pump with 60 PSI spring.
Melling BD417-DBRKT - Melling Timing Chain Dampener Bracket
Dirty Dingo DD-LS-AC-LM-CMV lower passenger side mount A/C bracket kit with Sanden SD7B10 mini compressor.
Quantum-340lph-direct-drop-in-performance-fuel-pump-assembly for 2dr 2wd Blazer P/N QFS-A822HV.
(30-4110) UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Summit Racing SUM-326943780-2F Forged Pistons + 2cc dome Bore 3.780.
My compression will be 10.6.1 CR.

Custom engine cover for TBSS intake manifold.
Input device Gadget Font Peripheral Cable

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Camshaft from 2004 LS6 Corvette P/N 12565308.
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Belltech spindles P/N.2102 and 2/3-in drop springs P/N.23228.
Belltech 3-in drop leaf springs P/N.5964. with 1-in lowering block with2 Degree Taper P/N 6002.
Sitting on Vision-Torque 20x8.5 & 235/35/R20 Tires.
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Mine is DBW. TrailBlazer pedal. I believe the TAC module is from the same vehicle. It was plug & Play with the CPW harness. Cruise works fine.
This is the bracket Harley made for the pedal. It will not fit 98+ I believe. Even then we had to tweak it a bit and bend the pedal towards the hump.


This was the aluminum prototype with the pedal attached. The final version was powder coated steel.


I'll have to take a pic of the TAC module tomorrow. It fits where the current cruise unit is, and even uses the same holes. @Harley an explain how we got the wire harness for it thru the fire wall with a grommet to seal it.
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In this pic, you can see where the wires come thru the firewall in a grommet just above the cover.

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If you can can you take some pictures of your setup and post them I would most appreciate it. I'm going to order the wiring harness and accessories from current performance for the swap. I'm picking the engine up Wednesday it's out of an 03 Yukon with the tac module and gas pedal and ECU.
Make sure you have everything you're going to use since the harness is made to your specs.
Nice....what intake are you running?
UPS finally showed up with my 243 heads yesterday now I can get them off to the machine shop.
View attachment 350030
Unless the inspection guy crawls down by the manifolds like a snake, he'd never see the Hooker name.
View attachment 350031
It's a bit tight, and you'd be better off making your own lines. I got my high mount to work.

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The thing that's going to suck is there isn't much room even if the ports are in the back. These poke right out of the side and take up a lot of room...even with short drop hose fittings. You can't clock these compressors. I wonder if the compressor Connor94 used would help with hose routing.

Edit:....after a closer look, there's even less room in the rear.
Just for comparison purposes, here's mine...same compressor in with the Holley High mount kit.
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Did you go with the bushings or captured bearings?
Me too...
Just finished up lapping the valves in the other head. I'm amazed by how much carbon was in the intake ports. It took about 30 minutes each port to clean out all the carbon with a Dremel and a stainless steel wire wheel. The PCV set up on the ls really sucks. These heads came off a non EGR motor. Or whoever owned it before didn't ever change your oil so it thinned out and vaporized and got sucked up by the PCV into the intake. Only God knows.
I tried cleaning mine up...no joy. I took them to NAPA for a disassemble, bath, and new seals....lap if needed.$150 and squeaky clean. Installed a catch can also.

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I know that piece...
Sorry to hear that...I just got off the plane so please don't make me work too much..😬
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