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4X6 LED Headlights

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Anyone with the Sealed Beam Headlights (4X6, or 5X7) tried the LED Light assemblies?
Which Brand? Are they Any Good?
I am back to The Original Stock Sealed Beam Halogens after having crappy ebay HID "Projector" Assemblies, I'm Glad they finally Quit! They were Horrible!.
Looking for some Ideas Besides the Stock Dull Headlights. Thanks In Advance.
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If you stick with the 4x6 headlights look into E-Code (euro spec) housings. The European lights are glass and have a cutoff built in on the lows. Can use high wattage H4 bulbs and get a significant increase in output. I used them on my 91 with relays and larger wires. I was very happy.
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