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4wd 8.5, 3.42, G80 listed on ebay for $500

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I am in no way connected to this listing on ebay. I was searching & I came across it.
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I don't believe that is an 8.5, the 8.5 will have the larger round pinion yoke. Plus nowhere in the description does it say its an 8.5, and says it fits a Bravada, and NONE of the Bravada's ever had the 8.5 from the factory.

If u look real close the axle tubes look like they bulge out of the housing a Lil and as far as I know I've never seen a 7.6/7.5 with those same leaf spring perches. The seller may not know he has an 8.5 like many people out there. Only way to be 100% is to see the lugs on the pumpkin and to contact the seller. I just posted this for some who is looking for an 8.5, maybe they luck out & get 1 for what it's listed. I think it's an 8.5 but I would want to see more pics of those tell tale spots if I were to buy it.
But u r right about the pinion yoke too that the 8.5 is bigger so who knows. It's worth checking out for some1 looking for an 8.5.
I got in touch with the dude who's listing this is from on ebay and he sent me some detailed pics and sure enough it's NOT an 8.5.

Can a mod remove this thread please? Thanks.
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