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4L60e Transmission 23,473 miles. $550

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Hey guys, I'm posting this in the "engine" section only because there's no transmission section, and this seemed closest. (?)

I have for sale the 4L60e that came out of my '97 S10 2wd. The motor and transmission were removed to do a V8 swap. This was a running/driving truck before disassembly. Once the trans was removed, I suspected that it was not original, and had been rebuilt. The condition of the fluid, paint on the case, aftermarket torque converter and writing on the bell housing were my clues. One quick call to Atlas transmission (here in Tucson) with the VIN confirmed my suspicions.

They have record of the trans being rebuilt in late October of '08. According to the miles it had then, and what's on the odometer now, it only has 23,473 miles on it. The gentleman I spoke to said the invoice was over $2000. Somebody spent a lot of money to have this trans built right. Unfortunately, it will not work for me. Good news for someone else though. It's already pulled, cleaned and ready to load up. Simply install and add fluid!

Price does not include shipping, but I'll build the crate for free. PM or post here with any questions. Ships from Tucson, AZ 85747. I have shipped more that a couple transmissions using Fastenal freight. Most I ever paid was $150. That was Tucson AZ to Antioch IL. If you're in the southwest, it'll be closer to $100.

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It looks like the is for the 4.3 V6. Correct? I'm pretty sure it will fit my 1998 Sonoma 4.3.
I'll look at mine closer and compare with yours.
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