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4 Banger on NOS?

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Has anyone ever put NOS on a 4 cylinder? My 4 banger really is sluggish, and I really don't care about it, so I'd do it but has anyone already tried it? Is there a kit for it or just use a fogger assenbly?
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ive dont it with mine....it can be done so log as you have the proper modifications to ensure your motor doesnt go boom

a safe shot to run is around 50 before you have to worry about alot of modification to the engine, have you also looked into making other changes like aftermarket intake, header exhaust work. Theres also some other small mods you can do like taking off the clutch fan and installing an electric , you can also install a lower temp thermostat from kragen or some auto parts store

hit me up about some other mods or check out my web site www.geocities.com/area51rcin/ i cant guarantee the site will werk right goecities has been giving me problems
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