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Hi there! I'm Dave, from Edmonton, Ab. I have an '89 S-15 4x4 that I'll be rebuilding over the next few weeks. I have a friend that is going to do the tranny, and I will be doing the engine myself. I'm looking to get more torque from it and have a list of mods I plan to do:
-Vortec heads
-305 TBI or Holley unit
-edelbrock cam & intake manifold
-.020" overbore
-roller rockers
-coil & ignition module
-Headers or dual exhaust
The truck has 380000 km on it and is very tired. Very reliable except it's been through three distributors so far. I assume there may be an oiling problem there. Other things that I plan to do are auxiliary fuel tank, on board compressed air, tires & wheels, newer seats(maybe sunfire) and CD player.
Right now it has cb radio, scanner, custom overhead shelf, firebird steering wheel, fastback with forward and rear facing lights, custom exhaust, under dash lighting and PA speaker out front. I know, the fastback looks kinda funny but it's functional. I may end up fabricating roll bars instead and mount the lights there.
Has anyone tried to use a 305 TBI on a 4.3? Are there any other upgrades that I can do that won't sacrifice driveability or reliability? Any suggestions or info would be appreciated. S-10's are awesome trucks! It tows, hauls, taxis, entertains and flies! Fastest I've had it up to is 170 km/h, or 102 mph! Talk to ya later!


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