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Hey guys - I plan on doing an engine swap in my Isuzu (the 4.3 out of my S-10)
the engine needs totally rebuilt (top end went and bottom end has 182k on it)
anyways I need some suggestions on what I should do to it. Here's what I have planned so far...

get blocked checked
new crank
forged pistons
.030 over
mid-range cam
maybe shave a little off the heads - does anybody know of any aftermarket heads?
bigger throttle body and injectors
rods and all that other little stuff
intake manifold (I think edelbrock makes one)
full exhaust
custom air intake
electric fan

that's all I got right now...also what all trannys (manuals) will bolt up to the 4.3?

my goal is about 250 hp at the wheels (which I think is realistc), and also a medium shot of spray (maybe 50-100)
also when I do the engine swap I will be rebuilding my rear subframe with an RX7 or 300ZX indy rear suspension, so I will probably have a custom driveshaft made. this should keep me dreaming for the next couple of years...

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The 4.3 (at least the older ones) has the same tranny bolt pattern as a small block V-8. Not sure about flywheels, clutches, and stuff.

The reason I specified "the older ones", is because I noticed when I changed my oil the other night, that my 4.3 ('01) has a cast aluminum oil pan, and the bottom of the tranny bolts to it, too. I remember reading about it a while back, but not sure when they went to *that* design.
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