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I have a 1991 S10 Baja i’ve been working on and finally got it running for the first time in over 15 years. I was having the typical valve seal issues and it was something i didn’t want to tackle myself so i sent it off.

The shop working on the truck noticed a good bit of sludge builtup and recommended pulling and ultra-sonic cleaning the heads, which i was fine with.

Upon pulling the intake to the job, they found the below mess and a cracked lifter, some bent push rods, and some cam wear.
I am hoping the bottom end is okay as the truck seemed to run fine but who knows.

I want to build the 4.3 and after doing some of my own research digging around and knowing these engines for a bit, i’ve always heard that 96+ vortec heads are a great stock upgrade. I have a 1991 NON balance shaft engine and want to keep the stock TBI. Im told if i plan to keep the TBI with those heads i need a certain intake and possibly a redrill of some holes.

If anyone has a parts list or some help getting everything i’d need to make that happen along with cam and intake recommendations i’d love to hear them. I am planning to have the shop redo all the bearings, rings, gaskets, etc (light rebuild) but looking to upgrade “on a budget”. I have headers ordered but need info on the additional pieces that would make this thing a nice, peppy street truck. Thanks!

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Also.....WOOOOOOWWWW 🤢 🤕 🤮(not the truck! The truck sounds awesome, thst sludge tho!)
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