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This looks like the place to post this.

I need help figuring out what it will take to put this 98 SS Pickup 4.3l Engine/Drivetrain into my 96 LS 2.2l S-10 Pickup.

From my understanding the newer engine has diferent controls and manifolds and will not plug up to the Firewall Harness as there are differences between the 96 and 98.

Will I have to hunt down the following:
..96 V-6 S10 Engine Harness, Computer, Intake Manifold and Air Cleaner Box.

Or are there premade Custom Harnesses Out there that will allow me to swap over?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I would also like to take it to a shop and have them change it over for me. Does anybody know anyone within a couple States of Illinois that's worth the trip?

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