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I recently bought a 2K 4.3 engine and transmission, only reason i bought it is from the pics it had the marine intake swap on it, also turns out the marine intake had an LS1 throttle body, and the engine was locked up, looks like it sucked water thru the intake and hydrolocked two cylinders.

When i pulled the valve covers, i found LS6 yellow valve springs and the roller fulcrum non adjustable rocker arms. Pulled the cam and found a custom grind comp cam, 224/230 [email protected] .503/.510 lift with 1.5 (stock) rockers on a 112 LSA. I do not know exactly how many miles are on the cam, but was told the engine had 150K on it, and id say the cam probably has around 25-30K on it, not major wear and no damage. Lifters were stock and worn, so i trashed them. Heads are stock besides the spring swap. I also have the black box PCM from this truck that was tuned for the cam, and bolt on mods and the marine intake swap.

I am offering the cam itself, the LS6 yellow valve springs, retainers and locks, and the tuned PCM. Also, if you have an 01+ with the 0411 style PCM, you can contact www.pcmpowertunes.com and he can take the tune from the black bx PCM and put it in your stock PCM along with any other changes you'd like made so its customized for your build. He charges 200 which is pretty reasonable i think, and right now i have his NA tune on my Blazer and im very impressed.

I'm asking 400 plus shipping.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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