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Reasonable and strong:

-.030 block prepped
-stock crank. Turn if you need to. Otherwise, if it's in tolerance, polish it.
-GM Performance parts PM (powdered metal) connecting rods with ARP Wav Loc bolts installed.
-Sealed power teflon coated pistons (cast or hypereutectics)
-Vortec heads
-Edelbrock Vortec Performer RPM intake
-Comp cams Xtreme energy 276 or smaller cam
-Holley 750 carb with vacuum secondaries (3310)
-new head bolts (ARP)
-new main bolts if you can afford it
-new Mellings oil pump
***Keep your compression around 9.5-10 to 1***
This will set you back 1000-1500 and with the above cam will make some killer torque and power (over 400 on each)

If you want any other combos let me know. E mail me with your budget and I will let you know what I would use.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts