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30 cents to make one dime.

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Well lets just say I had a great MONDAY. This last monday here in western NC we had some a very strong wind storm. It was 8:46am we lost power some time in the night and when we got up my wife grabed her cell phone and was head out side to make a call when. The wind blew and......

a TREE fell on my dime.

So after calming my wife down i went out side to inspect the damage. It didn't look that bad a first. Oh yeah it scratch the hell out of her s10 blazer as well. I'll get a pic up of the tree on them asap. Anyway I call my dad and him and I cut the lims off of the truck then i drove it out from under the tree and then we cleared the road of the tree. Now heart broke that my baged in the front daily with a new SD 3 link sitting in the basement. I had to do something. I placed a couple of call and with in about 2 hours.

New project.

Sad to say but my beloved 6 3/4 BD project blazer had to got for money and time.

So now about the title. I have now three s10 and i'm going to make one good Baged and Body Droped daily out of them.
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that sucks ass cut the rest of the trees down lol thats waht i would do
Progress. Cut out most of every thing and then added a crossmember that i will build onto for my tank and compressor.

More tomarrow. gonna pull the dash and most of the front clip. If there is any thing on these that any of you might want just ask. It just might be for sale CHEAP.

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that sucks ass cut the rest of the trees down lol thats waht i would do

the whole tree is down. it up rooted the the whole tree. I'll get a pic of it the freaking thing was hugh.
atleast it ddint total the dime completly

Yeah that's one way to look at it. The tree dented the hood,Drv fender,Cab,Drv Bed side, Tailgate,Pass Bed Side and the Drv Door.And don't for get that it Bent that back half of the frame. It pulls a little to the right when I go down the road. I have a good cowl, Front bumper, Roll pan, Pass Fender, and Pass Door. Oh well.


he said it bent the back half of the frame... = totaled

nice project btw, looks like a good start :)

sorry for your loss! i know i would be devastated if i lost my dime
Thanks Golana and hunnerd spokes. Yea it dose realy suck. It also sucks that it raining now. rain= progress.

By the way dose any one have a bed? I realy could use the help if it's in the cheap range.

hey atleasy u have a good roll pan lol

Yeah:D It's kinda of hard to dent a poly(rubbermade)urethane roll pan.
got a bed but located in mesa AZ..
got a bed but located in mesa AZ..

Well with how cheap gas is I'll just ride down this weekend and pick it up. Should cost more than 300-400 in gas. :haha:
ur locations blank so i wasnt sure where u were
ur locations blank so i wasnt sure where u were
See first post. :doh:

...clever title BTW.
ur locations blank so i wasnt sure where u were

Never saw that. thanks for pointing that out. I was kidding about the driving thing.

Well got just a little bit of progress to day. I got the Gas tank cross member cut out before it got dark. My wife had me running all over town today. SUCKS!

Oh well I have all day tomarrow to work on the SD 3 link and the notch.
i got a bed ill sell ya dirt cheep!... its in aynor sc.. and the tail light filers and caddys are cut outa it tho.. if you want it better shuffle fast before the scrap man comes
wow that sux man glad to see u got another one to work on
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