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3 wire to 2 wire ckp

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I've searched high and low and couldn't find an answer. I have a 97 s10 with the 2.2l and 5 spd. Got it with a locked up motor. Swapped it with the 2.2 from a cavalier. Got everything on the block changed over except the crank position sensor that is below the icu. The one in the seized engine was a 2 wire, the new motor has a 3 wire. The 2 wire one won't fit in the new 2.2l block. What do I need to do or get to get a sensor in there working? Both coil/icu appeared the same. This has been more than frustrating. TIA
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You new motor obviously is not a 97. 96's had the 3 wire CKP .
The 96 engines in both S10 and Cav used a 3 wire and the 97 in both used a 2 wire.
Your big problem is they are wired completely differently. In 96 the CKP connected to the PCM. In 97 it connects to the ICM.
Hopefully one of the 2.2 gurus on here knows of a work around? As I understand it, to make it work you will have to replace with a different crank sensor and crankshaft to match.
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