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3 bolts holding the Hub Bearing assembly to the knuckle??? I need to know what size they are....

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I have replaced the entire front end of this truck, all ball joints/upper control arms, sway bar end links, inner/outer tie-rod ends and connector.

After about 3 days of driving, an alignment, normal stuff, I started hearing a slight rattling and turning felt off when turning the wheel to the left. Heard a slight squeel too, so thought maybe the brake pad clip had gotten damaged somehow. I jacked up passenger side, just out of habit I wiggled the tire and it moved. This is not good. I removed the tire, discovered that one of the 3 bolts is now missing. I have to drive on a lot of dirt roads to get to and from work/home. My problem is, this is my only vehicle. I don't have another to take one of the other bolts out and go looking for one to match. I need to know what size so I can go get some and replace all 3 of them with new ones.

Please help!!!

Oh, 2002 S10 4WD with 4.3 v6. I don't know if it is a zr/zt or whatever the other available options are.
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It's a metric bolt. If I remember right they're M10-1.5X30
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