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3.4 "crate" engine parts list and info

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12/28/21 EDIT

Ok, Google Drive doesn't seem to like the permissions I set, so on page 5, which is the last page now, has screenshots with the info on them. Sorry about any confusion y'all. Hope this helps.

Just FYI too, Jegs apparently has been selling remanufactured 3.4s for a couple of years now if you want to outright buy one. I don't think there is a core. $1900.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't GM discontinued the ht3.4 "crate"engine?
Yeah, but there are still sources for them I think if you dig. I bought mine back in 2010 assuming they would be gone before too much longer. Just now getting harder to find them.
This might be a silly question, but I haven't seen it specifically addressed anywhere. Are you guys running stock clutches? I'm thinking about doing a similar swap, but I wasn't sure if the stock clutch would handle the roughly 210hp and 230lbft of torque I'm looking to make.

So I was curious if you guys just used the stock clutches, or upgraded to something like this: http://www.phoenixfriction.com/p-23...n-clutch-kit-s-10-s-15-sonoma-rodeo-9-18.aspx
I've got an 91 reg cab short bed 2.8 5 speed that I've done the 3.4 camaro swap with 4.3 injectors.l have about 5 thousand trouble free miles on it and I want to thank the people who posted all the great info. About 1 month ago I decided to charge up the air and get it working again. This hilighted an inherant issue with this swap. The compressor would choke out the engine when driving fast and downshifting from 3rd to second. I installed an air/fuel guage and it was going fully lean at that moment and those old pancake compressors draw a lot of power so consequently it would kill the engine. Too dangerous to drive. Has anyone on this site had a similar problem? I'm working with a company called Motorvation to get a custom fuel curve added to the prom. The first attempt cured the lean condition and the air worked fine but the mixture was way rich. The stoich meter was fully rich throughout the driving range. No good. I'm waiting on the second chip to arrive. Im just wondering ifsomeone out there has had the same problem and already knows the ultmate solution. If so you will save me a lot of trouble. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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You are most welcome...glad we could help!
That PDF from page 1 doesn't seem to be up any more. Anyone else have a copy? The rear main seal in my 84 is finally letting go and I'm planning to hunt down a crate 3.4.
Let me see what I can do
I have posted a progress thread on the start of my 3.4 swap from a camaro, but I am going to verify something here instead. I am still confused on the front cover situation even though I have read this thread a few times.

Soo, If I decide to stay with the serpintine setup that came with the 94 3.4 motor, I can leave the front just the way it is but I need to install a oil pan and pickup from a 87 and up 2.8 4x4 style. And I am aware that the front cover will not have a timing tab. Is this correct ?

But, if I decide to go with vbelts, from my 85 2.8, I will need to install the front cover, water pump,acessories,oil pan, and pickup. With also the thought that the front cover isnt the greatest because they are known to leak.
Is this correct ?

Last, If I decide to go vbelts and not use the old front cover, what exactly do I need and from what year 4x4 set up ?
I messaged you on this one...If you use Camaro accessories, use an S10 water pump unless you convert to electric.

If you stay V belt, you need a 1986 front cover from an S10. Your old cover won't work. The 86 is unique in that it has the newer style seal on the bottom, and still has the V belt water pump rotation. A crate engine comes with one although a different part number it is the same part. You will need a 1985 water pump, an 86+ oil pan, 86 front cover. You cannot use your 85 cover.

I'd source a 1987+ serpentine system and call it a day. The only snafu you will run into is that the outlet on the carb intake will interfere with the idler pulley bracket. A 90 degree elbow and a grinder will correct it.

I have a new 86 cover from my crate I did not use. PM me if interested.
Just waned to state that the reason why the 3.4L crate engine was not emissions legal was because GM screwed up and put a cam in it with a lot of overlap which means low speed smog checking would fail - replace the cam with the one with regular stock style overlap - available aftermarket as well from Melling, etc
I don't know if they screwed up, or just didn't care that they didn't make 1/50th of the nation's states' smog requirements. "California didn't make it...Oh well, put that stock cam back in it I guess! Those assholes in the other 49 will just have to deal" LOL.
Just wanting to get something straight and I am doing it here for others to know in the future. I have read different things about when swapping over or getting a new one, of the oil pump screen. Now from my understanding the oil pump pickup tube in my 2.8 is too small to fit in the camaro 3.4 oil pump. So I have read that I can either swap over the pickup tube and cover from the 2.8 to the 3.4, ( if its not worn out.). or I have read a pickup tube for a 4.3 is the same size as the 3.4. Now here's the confusing part. I have read the pickup tube in the 3.4 is about 3/4" and the pickup tube in the 2.8 is 5/8". Well I go to look online and all the pickup tubes I am finding for the 4.3 are also 5/8". Does someone have a part number that gets me a pickup that is
3/4" ? thanks. This is for a 4x4 application.
Try this and see if it has the part number from the crate. May be helpful, maybe not. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxV...ew?usp=sharing
In my case? Better than 3.8. Better power to weight ratio. Getting about 18-19. I was getting 14-16, usually with the 4bbl and about freaking 12 with the Rochester.
You guys should make this a sticky! It would eliminate a lot of redundant questions. Here is a PDF I made of the parts list and I also included the start-up instructions for the motor at the end of the document.

http://www.tricky6.com/S10files/3-4 Instructions.pdf

That's piggybacked on my band's site just in case you were wondering what the heck "tricky 6" is.

The link is dead and just leads to frontiers search bar
Try this and see if it has the part number from the crate. May be helpful, maybe not. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxV...ew?usp=sharing
Dead link as well
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