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3.4 "crate" engine parts list and info

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12/28/21 EDIT

Ok, Google Drive doesn't seem to like the permissions I set, so on page 5, which is the last page now, has screenshots with the info on them. Sorry about any confusion y'all. Hope this helps.

Just FYI too, Jegs apparently has been selling remanufactured 3.4s for a couple of years now if you want to outright buy one. I don't think there is a core. $1900.

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I am i contemplated what was different between the 85-87 motor for a week the shape is wrong n bolt patterns too
I may be able to add a little bit to the older vs 86 timing cover and water pump. I am currently swapping my v belt setup for the one that is currently on my 86 camaro. I will post pictures of both considering while I have the front of my motor off I am guna do the timing chain. I will add some pictures of them to this post soon as I get home from work. Both are the 2.8 but the camaro is setup with a serp belt for the alternator and water pump. Another fun little project is getting the camaro radiator to mock up in my truck :p.
New to forum so please excuse redundent questions. I bought a 95 Camaro 3.4 SFI engine and ut it in my 88 S-10 in place of the 2.8. Iwant to run the SFI. I got the PCM and wiring harness with the engine. I changed the oil pan from the 2.8 , had the fly wheel resurfaced punt in a new clutch package . Changed the 2.8 motor mounts over and bolted it in. if anyone has done this swap I would be very interested in the wiring changes needed. Many Thanks. Great Site.
Above it is stated that "someone" made mention on how to easily remove the engine from the bellhousing.

I can confirm if you remove the heads from the engine you can remove the entire engine from the transmission without ever getting under the vehicle.
ALL the bolts are extremely easy to get to with the heads removed, use a 18mm IIRC
HOWEVER- I would highly reccommend getting a ratcheting wrench for it or your going to be turning that wrench for a very long time. those are very fine threads

By far easiest removal of engine I could imagine
Oh and just for the input since 87 was a mixture year for flexplate, my flexplate is in fact weighted on my 2.8
"TBI systems have two temperature sensors, one in the intake manifold and one in the corner of the driver’s side head. The plug in the head has an 8mm square hole. This is hard to find. On a new crate engine, ROBO GRIP type pliers can remove the plug. Vise Grips won’t. NOTE: the passenger side head has the same plug facing the firewall."

Just a note to anyone who may need help here -

In rockauto's tool section they sell the 8mm socket bit
It's a bit steep at almost $11.
But for those that have no idea what robogrips are and want the simplicity of a socket it's there.
Steel stock from lowe's will also work. You could weld ya one up with a handle for a couple of bucks.

For me, I just ground down an el cheapo Harbor Freight extension till it fit. Worth the sacrifice
i love this thread....
This info is being saved haha, thanks guys
You guys should make this a sticky! It would eliminate a lot of redundant questions. Here is a PDF I made of the parts list and I also included the start-up instructions for the motor at the end of the document.

http://www.tricky6.com/S10files/3-4 Instructions.pdf

That's piggybacked on my band's site just in case you were wondering what the heck "tricky 6" is.
I hate bringing back old threads just as much as everyone else, but does this PDF exist elsewhere? Link is dead.:rolleyes:
i love this site.....
you guys ever seen this site? I guess it lists all the parts you need to do this swap...
you guys ever seen this site? I guess it lists all the parts you need to do this swap...

hmmm i have a 87.......:(
hows your swap coming along? You got a build thread man? I'm dropping mine in, in about 8 hours!!!
i got the nose up and pulling parts off the 2.8.
i need my s-10 on the road, been down for a year now..
Mine is done and just swapped over to an EFI system from an 87. Did away with the 4bbl setup. Getting about 5 more miles to the gallon as a result....Let me know how I can help you guys in any way possible.
what was the power difference??
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Well, I can't tell you what a 3.4 did with the 2.8 injectors and intake, but I can tell you that this SOB doesn't run like any 2.8 I ever drove before....The 3.4 with the carburetor made very decent power, but with the EFI system and 4.3 TBI and injectors, it runs incredible. It has a wicked amount of power for a V6. Especially one as small as a 3.4. It would outrun my 01 4.3 S10 x-cab I used to have easily....Compared from her roots which was a 2.8 with a Rochester maybe hitting 110 hp she is like a different truck. I haven't even begun to tune it yet, and not only is the power better than before with the 4bbl, but it's getting more than 4 more mpg too. Seems like a win to me.
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i'm getting wood!!!
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iv got a few questions i cant find answers for. iv almost got my 3.4 ready to go in my 87 2wd s 10 blazer. im looking at an oil pressure sensor that does not fit the 3.4 motor. how do i do this? do i just use the sensor of a 3.4? mine didnt have a working one (broken) and i can see what the conn is on the 3.4 one (2 prong, 3 prong)? any help would be great
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