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3.4 "crate" engine parts list and info

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12/28/21 EDIT

Ok, Google Drive doesn't seem to like the permissions I set, so on page 5, which is the last page now, has screenshots with the info on them. Sorry about any confusion y'all. Hope this helps.

Just FYI too, Jegs apparently has been selling remanufactured 3.4s for a couple of years now if you want to outright buy one. I don't think there is a core. $1900.

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Jimmy, I like the pdf so far...

Their is a 'conversion chart' referenced in the instructions: Pg1, right side, 1st para - for those converting with a manual trans or a 4X4 - unless I am missing it, I don't see it,

I'm following ALOT of threads regarding the 2.8 to 3.4 swap - it would be awesome if we had all the info in one place and as a sticky.
1 - 1 of 97 Posts