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2nd Gen Bed Removal

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Anyone removed the bed from a 2nd gen pickup?
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Just about e everyone...
Well, that was helpful...lol...but really I just saw a video...6 bolts a couple of grd straps and the filler neck, lifting it off would be the hard part.
Actually...I think it's 8 bolts...could be wrong.As for the rest...looks good.Get a couple of friends and adult beverages...you'll be good to go..
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It's cake if you've got a friend around.
8 bolts, depends where u at but spray em with some penetrant first, ho around and disconnect grounds, taillights, tailgate, gas filler, then come back with the impact and zip em out
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Above post is correct.

Get couple buddies if they don't work out.

EDIT! 3 or 4 friends, let the fourth help any of the third guy
I have pulled the bed off a 98 Silverado 6’ type off with just me and one other guy. Easy if you are healthy. Fuel pumps are so much easier to do when you remove the bed.
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If it's just you and an engine crane - I like to reattach the ground strap for the fuel pump and drive out from underneath rather than try to roll the crane.

Works good for fuel pumps, rear suspension work, ZQ8 frame brace, exhaust, etc.

Check the little metal tie down loops before lifting. They are simply spot welded to the side of the box. I had one break off while lifting a bed.
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