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Hello, I have been trying to find pictures of the spring pocket when installing 2600 dominator bags up front on s10. Can someone please share their pictures so I know how and where to cut my frame? Also, some pictures on how they reinforced the frame to get some strength back after cutting the frame? Thank you for your help.

Here is what I have now, I am afraid to cut more until I see what others have done. My 2500 dominators will fit these but I want to do the 2600's.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Helmet Automotive lighting Rim

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle Bumper

Automotive tire Alloy wheel Hood Bumper Automotive exhaust

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread

Automotive tire Light Tire Automotive design Wheel
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any updates? Be sure to check at different pressures, The dominators usually swell when inflated, the slams stay the same size

I don't have pictures but......
Damn bro you still come on here? 20yrs of bagging s10 service lol if it was the military u could retire
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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