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my 235/55/16s are about to wear out up front on my zq8 wheels and im looking to go to 245/50/16s since theyre more availabe at better prices, plus i want the added performance with the wider tires.

anyone have any opinions or reviews of their 245/50/16s? especially if you had them on the front of your truck. ive had nitto 450s and falken ziexs and i was dissapointed in both those tires and wont be buying again, the falkens were terrible for handling.

i was lookng at the following (pair of tires)
245/50HR16 Kumho ECSTA 711 - $133 shipped from tire rack
245/50WR16 Yokohama AVS ES100 - $214 shipped for tire rack (pricey buy i know these are awesome tires)
245/50ZR-16 Visa Visa VK-50G ZR - $138 shipped from tires.com
(never heard of them?)
235/55TR16 SL BFGoodrich Traction T/A T - $162 shipped from tire rack.

would like to hear any experiences or feedback on these tires if you guys have them

as for rears im running 255/50/16 kumho 712s, great traction, not too noisy, and tread wear seems great so far. will be going to 265/50/16 bf goodrich when these are done with.
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