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208 t case behind a 4l60

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Hi I have a 97 s10blazer with a 4.3 and 4l60 combo. I am trying to run a 208 transfer casenbehind this but have run into the issue that the 208 has a mechanical spedo when I need a vss electronic style has anyone made this swap successfully? Looking to get this truck on the road soon and I'm alittle lost on how to do it. Please post links to any parts successfully used........I do not care if I keep or losse my speedometer as Long as I can shift my trans
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I used this one with a 205 transfer case and it worked perfectly. It should work with your 208, too.
Okay awesome thank you...I've got 2 more questions...1: did you re program you pcm to run the 8k? I have an old 1 so I don't think an hp tuner will hook up
2: If in any even it does not work am I able to turn an 8k signal down to a 4k?
The one I linked to is a 40-pulse. No need to reprogram anything.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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