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2010 Meet schedule

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So...after talking with a couple of members we need to add some structure to this club. So Im comming up with this schedule of meets. These dates are non negotable. But the places these meets are held will be negotable. Any suggestions will be voted apon and if a vote can not be acomplished meets can be held at my place. But different locations will be much appreciated and welcomed. These dates are the 3rd saturday of every other month and every month of the summer. Time of these meets will be early afternoon and can be voted apon when a place is. The July meet will be at the Car Craft Show. We will have our own section and if your truck cannot make it would be nice if you could make an appearance on saturday. The dates are as follows.....

Jan 16
Mar 20
May 15
Jun 19
Jul 17
Aug 21
Oct 16
Dec 18

Im not trying to sound like a dictator here but we all have busy lives and its hard to make time on the fly for these things. If you cant make it to a meet its not the end of the world but please make an effort to join us for club meets. These things are important for this club to grow and to take care of club business. Please leave feedback if you have ideas to better this club.

Jason....Resident old guy
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How about an inside and an outside place.....Like a bar on crappy days and like a park on nice days?
I dont see why we cant have a meet. Being that the holidays are comming up im sure we can all make time to get together. Mermaid anyone???
"Oh Mrs Anderson.....what a delicious pie"
Well, aint that a bitch huh......
Whos in the mood for some mexican food????
I meant real mexican food......chipolte is overrated
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