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2003 S-10 zr2 extended cab 4x4 - 5.3 swap and trans upgrade

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I'm looking for someone in Virginia, or any state somewhat close to Virginia that can handle doing the vortec 5.3 LS swap with transmission and do any necessary upgrades to frame/mounts/crossmembers/exhaust etc. that will make the swap perfect and easy to service later on. Looking for someone who will go the extra mile and make the job look like it came from the factory. Not too concerned with the price. I want more horsepower and torque, with a transmission and engine built better than stock to go faster, tow better and able to take some abuse. I would love to do it myself but would rather give the job to someone who specializes in doing this swap. I know of Current Performance in Florida but would like someone possibly closer if they exist. Thanks!
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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