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2002 sonoma 4cyl automatic

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Hey guys i have a 2002 Sonoma automatic 2wd 2.2L. Overall pretty good condition, the guy i just bought it off of just put a new timing chain and water pump on it and then the head gasket blew. I havent fixed the head gasket yet but i will if the price is right. Previous owner said trans was strong. Has newer tires with plenty of tread left on them.

Looking to get $1300 with bad head gasket and without cap or add another $100 for the cap
If you want the head gasket fixed I'm looking for closer to $2500 including the cap for the bed

Price is negotiable so dont be afraid to make an offer!!!
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PIX!!!!! You need also to post your LOCATION!!!
Truck looks ok from the pic, but living in PA, rust is always a factor.
Where are you? Near Port Jervis? Poconos? Stroudsburg? I used to drive along the south east PA border almost every weekend a while back.

It goes a long way doing a photo shoot of the rig for sale. Like engine, interior, side shots, etc.
Much better chance of a sale.
Oh, ok. I'm pretty familiar with the southern tier and Penn just above NY State.

I think you might have a better shot for a sale with more pix.
Best bet is to open a photo account with one of the sites (photobucket, etc) and you can post pix without any problem.
They are also pretty high quality if you use a good camera.
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