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2002 S10 ZR2 5 speed for sale - one owner - Texas Truck

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Not many of these left, and very few in this condition. Texas Truck.. NO RUST

2002 Chevy S10 ZR2 5 speed Extended Cab - Black
Ordered by me and delivered January 16th 2002 at Ron Carter Chevrolet – Alvin, TX
Clear original title
5 speed manual
110K miles
Garage kept
Perfect running condition
New AC compressor – it blows COLD again!
Battery replaced in January 2021
Wet Okole Seat covers from day 1. No rips or tears or wear on the seats.. though the driver seat foam could be reconditioned. The covers are worn, but they have done their job.

Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit Tonneau Cover
Tailgate Lock
K&N Cold Air Intake w/ new filter
Hypertech power programmer (used to correct spedo from bigger tires)
2 ½ inch rear shackles
Torsion Bar crank on the front to level
32x11.5 r15 BFG AT KO’s with less than 3K miles on them
Metal front skid plate from a ’98 ZR2 (99 and later used a weaker composite)
BeCool Aluminum Radiator
Water Pump has been replaced along with Thermostat and serpentine belt
Transfer case Vacuum Switch replaced with GM part number 89059420
Flowmaster 50 with dual exhaust tip
Power Slot rotors on all corners
EBC Brake pads (yellow front, green rear)
GMC ZR5 rims (very rare) with new Chevy bowtie wheel caps
Goodmark metal cowl hood.. paint is meh at best on it
SS Bowtie on front grill
Clear Corner lights
Mobil 1 synthetic from day 1 5W30 (switched to High mileage blend at 75K)
Mobil 1 M1-201A oil filter from day 1
Fuel Filter replaced at regular intervals
Magnetic Dimple Oil Drain plug
Royal Purple rear dif fluid
Legal tint for driver and passenger side windows.
Bilstein Shocks have been replaced once
Fuel Pump has been replaced once
Class III trailer hitch

What's it worth is the question.. It is a rare manual truck. I'm thinking 10K..
I have taken this truck on (2) 6000+ mile road trips and would not hesitate to do so again. The 2nd pic is YellowStone, 3rd and 4th pic are the California Redwoods and driving through the Shrine Tree.
Hate to get rid of one of my Chevy Zzz's but the time has come.
Curious on what your thoughts might be.

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