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2001 Chevy s10 extended cab 4.3L Shock Absorber Replacement - Has anyone else experienced this?

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I just recently replaced all four of my shock absorbers with identical sized absorbers and immediately noticed while test driving that it required me to push on the gas much harder to get the truck moving from a complete stop compared to before with the old shock absorbers (they were so worn it took no effort to push them together with my hands). Once I got the truck moving it ran fine while going 20 mph+ however, the amount of effort it takes for the truck to start moving worries me (and no the parking break isn't on). Also, when going in reverse with the new shock absorbers there's no difference from when the old absorbers were on... the issue is only when going forward.

Does anyone have some insight on why it's harder to accelerate from a complete stop after replacing the shocks?

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Thanks for the comments everyone I appreciate the help. After looking into it, it turns out I need to replace the shift solenoids. The code I was getting was P0758: Shift Solenoid B which explains why I was having so much trouble to get the truck moving. I'm going to replace the two solenoids and it should fix the problem

GM Parts #: 24230298
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