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2001 bazer zr2 4.3 for sale as is/parts

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I have 2001 blazer zr2 4.3...
The 4.3 is done locked up. But the rest of truck is pretty good. Good body good interior. Trans.
Transfer suspension skid plates.
It would be perfect to swap motor. Or a great project truck. Any way talk to me let me hear some thoughts.
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location of said done locked up blazer ?
Douglasville ga.
Ok.. Truck has 195 thousand miles.
I'm in Douglasville ga.
I would like to sale truck as is.
Instead of sending it to crusher.
We have had the truck for a longtime
It has been great.
I just can't change motor.
ZR2 has to be worth more than crushed.
Put this thing back in action for me.
Is there a problem with how i posted this.
Mostizzle i will consider fair offers.
I posted here because i thought i would get respectable offers.
Mostizzle make a offer.
Its hard to tell if people are serious about wanting what you have or just bored and want jerk around.
Seriously lets start at 1500 or best offer.
I have clean title in my hand
Listen I'm not here to jerk anyone around.
1500 or best offer. I think thats a fair place to start.
I figured the people here would appreciate this truck more than someone on Craigslist.
The reason i did not start with a price was because i figured you guys knew alot about this vehicle and would hellp me figure out a fair price.
It does say asis/parts. I will sell it as a whole or part it out.
I have more pics and will do my best to answer any questions. So please if your interested lets talk about it and figure it out.
New guys get on this forum all the time and try to jerk us around. We no like circle jerks here.
I'm not trying to circle jerk anyone.
If you are interested
1500 or best offer
I will sale parts but once it starts going for parts its going to get to a point of not going back.
So it would be dumb to start with parts.
If someone wants a part we can put on list and after a reasonable time with all whole truck deals are off the table start with parts does that sound fair?
What is your interests in this vehicle.
1 - 8 of 24 Posts
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