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i have a similar issue. but the photos above are now gone. this is what i have done so far. i had a p0442 i think now code the code for a general evap system failure. anyway i took the tank down and got a new pump that turned out to be the wrong pump so after messing with that for a few days and not having any luck getting it to run i dropped the tank and again and found the pump was broken at the mounts on the top. so i put the old pump back in. then that pump blew off the pressure line at the pump, so i got a new pump and some dorman repair lines 18" long and had to use some rubber gas line to make the connections at the splice lines to the filter. so i started it and found the repair line and rubber gas line splice leaning like a fire hose so i moved the splice so i could have one clamp over the kits barb and a 2nd clam on the kits barb. the 2nd new pump i got i compared it to the original pump to make sure the wires went to the same spots and the pump hose and return were the same. they were a match

so i installed the new pump and new dorman splice kits and had a leak at the spot i had to splice the dorman kits to the rubber gas line i put in years ago. started it agan and i had a leak on the filter where the center line goes into the filter body on that bulge. i was assuming that the 5/16" pressure line went into the 5/16" center port on the filter and the 3/8" return line on the pump went to the side 3/8" line on the filter.

it seems i can't find a fuel diagram that has this filter i have so that i know if i plumbed it correctly. i do not need to plum it wrong and burn out a 200$ pump and all the site i go to show the filter with 1 inlet and 1 outlet. so i have a bastard system here so i have to know for sure on my filter what is the inlet and outlet. i know on the pump the smaller port is the pressure out and the larger port is the return. i can see the hose going to the pump and to the bowl yes this photo show a bad pump i installed a new pump but di not take a photo

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so genuine gm sent me this fuel system diagram it looks to me that line 24 does go to the center of the filter.
so i'm wondering why after i did the plumbing that all of a sudden the filter leaked at the spot i marked up for you to see where i had the leak at the filter

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