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Figured you guru's would know the answer to this? I bought a 2000 s10 2wd ext cab last week and found out the motor is locked up! So I've been looking for a used motor and the prices are out of this world! Best deal I found so far was $650 for one with 203k!

Anyway...I have been told two things and dont know who to believe...
#1. ONLY a model year 2000 engine from and s10 will fit
#2. An 01 or 02 sunfire or cavalier motor will work (same block) but you gotta swap out a bunch of parts.

Please send expertise!

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All the 2000 and later (2k+) motors were the same on the inside, it is the externals that would change.

#1. Any 2k+ truck motor will work. I'm not sure if the Flexfuel motor is a drop in replacement, but it would convert easily, mostly just swapping sensors and/or other external parts.

#2 This is an option on 2k+ motors. You would have to swap the intake manifold (unless that is the intake you want to run), the exhaust manifold, the water manifold, water neck and one of the head freeze plugs. You will probably need to swap-out most of the sensors also and possibly the Ignition Control Module.

You could use a '98 or '99 motor, but the EGR and water manifolds would have to be swapped. A J-Body motor can also be used, but all the externals would have to be swapped over. The '97 and older motors were a different design (heads, cam, pistons, etc...) and would not swap easily.

Either way, you should only need to take the needed parts from you motor and put them on the new motor.

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98 and up was new design but the yards will only sell you a 2000 to 2003 s10 engine

anything else requires a lot of swapping parts etc.

we just got done swapping a 2002 s10 2.2L out that died

we could only find two good lower miles junkyard s10 2.2 engines and they wanted 850 for each

it took forever to find them too.

we have a low miles 2.2 from a 98 cavalier i cut up earlier this year but we opted not to use it

way too much swapping work and time involved

the truck was a customers and we wanted to do the job as close to correctly and perfectly as possible and also quickly

without any risk

too much gamble on whether the engine would accept all the truck accessories and brackets

the 2.2L did have alot of running changes and redesigns over the years,, more than you can ever imagine.
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