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2000 Isuzu Hombre

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I put this truck together for a fun summer daily & parts hauler, but decided I want to move out of the country in the near future. It is a great candidate for an LSx swap, turbo, or even to enjoy as is. I haven't had anyone come look at the truck or take it for a test drive who wasn't the slightest impressed with the condition and how it rides, drives, and handles. It is still an S10, so it isn't going to be an autocross champion or ride like a cadillac, but overall it is a great package. I copied over my detailed ad from craigslist below.

I'm asking $3200 on craigslist, so take that as you will. Best way to contact me is to call or text 248-387-9035

Truck is located in the Metro Detroit area.

2.2L 4 Cylinder
5 Speed Manual Transmission
176,000 miles
Clean Title in Hand

It is a really great truck and I've added many features from higher end S Trucks, including cruise control, heated seats, automatic HVAC, remote keyless entry, power & auto dimming mirrors, and steering wheel radio controls. Everything is done like the factory would and all wiring changes performed using GM schematics, tools, and procedures. You would never be able to tell it didn't come from the factory this way.

I also swapped in the ZQ8/Xtreme suspension including the lower ratio steering box and frame brace. When I performed the swap I also replaced the control arm bushings and added tall lower ball joints as well as an all new steering linkage. Truck was aligned afterward using mildly aggressive specifications to take advantage of the improved suspension geometry. It rides and handles quite well especially for a truck. Front brakes are the larger 2 piston calipers from a Blazer and they stop amazing with the lighter weight truck.

I have 17x9" Crager Soft 8 Wheels on all 4 corners with brand new Bridgestone Potenzas in 275/40R17. Tires have less than 2000 miles. Wheel caps are 1 off. I took 1990 4WD Blazer caps chromed and modified them to fit on the Cragar wheels. I added the Isuzu symbol to the center. I can also include a set of 15" steel wheels for snow tires with the right offer, but I don't have any good tires in that size.

Truck was originally from Louisiana and came up to Michigan in 2008. I've had it the last 2 winters and did not take it out of the garage much. There is very little to no rust on this truck. I even had the interior out to replace and upgrade the original. The floor pans are solid inside and out. While the interior was out I added sound insulation to the entire cab. I've been pleasantly surprised with the results. The sound of the doors closing is solid and driving around in the cab is very quiet. It even improved the sound quality of the speakers significantly. I installed a set of Alpine components; midbass in the doors and tweeters in the dash. It sounds much better than it has any right to on the factory radio.

Interior is from a 2003 S10. It has the double DIN radio and I also installed a leather steering wheel with radio controls. I also added an overhead console with the Driver Information display. Air conditioning works great. When I was converting the truck to the Automatic HVAC I replaced all of the seals & o-rings in the system as well as a new dryer. The system held 25+ psi of vacuum and has not shown any leaks since it was fully charged.

Body is in OK condition. I found a replacement hood and tailgate in great condition and had them painted with the grill. Front fenders are dent and rust free. Paint is scratched up in places from being used as a work truck. One owner got house paint in several places, primarily the doors. I removed some of it over time using a clay bar, but did not get to it all. Bed has some dents and dings as well, but is one of the better Hombre beds I've come across. Driver door was hit at some point and passenger door isn't a virgin either. As far as dents the doors got the brunt of it.

Truck does have a 1998 Hombre grill and bumper on the front. When I purchased the truck I had a '98 as well and preferred that look, so I swapped them before I sold the other truck.

There is a Check Engine Light. It is code P0325 - Knock Sensor Circuit Malfunction. I've replaced the Knock Sensor, checked the continuity of the wiring, and swapped in a replacement PCM. None of those fixed the problem. My best bet is a loose bracket or similar at this point, but I have not found any yet. The engine mounts are solid and I'm not seeing any abnormal movement there. The truck still runs and drives well even with the code.

Truck had plugs and wires recently replaced. Door pins were replaced too. This is a real solid and unique truck and will make the next owner happy. Come out and test drive it. You won't be disappointed.

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What are the switches for above the air bag switch, and the ones on the sides of the shifter console? How did you go about connecting the steering wheel radio controls with the radio? The reason I ask is I've read that you can do it with the blazer but not the trucks for some reason to do with the wiring? Thanks
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