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2000 GM with 'dead' paint

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This is a buick century.
the GM paint had failed, and the lady has been driving it around looking like a real POS.

I dont like to do stock repairs, nor repaints, but, this belongs to a good friend's mom.

This paint was so trashed we didn't know it was covered in hail damage.

After stripping the top surfaces and repairing hundreds of dents, it was primered, blocked, primered again, and blocked again.

Currently wetsanding, will post finished pics in a day or two.

The front window was oriingal, had some chips and was a brownish burned tint, so i had windshield replaced, and will be getting the tint removed/reinstalled as well.

It's not perfect, but then again it is a buick century..

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Looks like you are making great progress! Body work is something I wish I had more knowledge in.
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