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Barto, Pa 19504, 15 Miles south of Allentown, 40 miles NW of Philly. Selling my 2000 Envoy, bought in 2007 with 89k. It has been sitting outside for 2 years not driving. The reason I stopped driving my Envoy is because I bought a Tahoe. Should have gotten rid of my Envoy when I got the Tahoe, but didn't. I was starting it up monthly and moving it back and forth but haven't been for the past 6 months. The tires went flat to the ground, tires starting to dry rot in between the tread. Charged the battery this week, starts every time. Filled up the tires, the passenger tires go flat in 2 days, valve stems I believe. It moves back and forth and stops. Something going on with the passenger headlight, bulbs are dim and HID flickering, wasn't like that when I stopped driving. The bottom lip on the bumper cover has a crack half way through it. It's not a rust bucket but It's seen better days. Not insured, not inspected, not registered. You can test drive it in my 35 feet of drive way. The grills are 2 aluminum billet with an oversized emblem. The stock HIDs have been replaced with quality HIDs. The third brake light neon tube has been replaced with an LED. Transmission cooler lines, Remote oil filter lines, some of the brake lines, fuel pump have been replaced "recently" as in miles. DM me
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