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20" & 22" KMC Novas

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I have (2) 20x8.5 and (2) 22x9 KMC Novas chrome. They have 245/35/20 and 245/30/22 Nexen N3000 tires mounted on them. They have never been put on a truck. Still have stickers on the tires. The project got pushed back and they have sat in the garage. Tires and wheels are located in Slidell, LA. I want $1500 and if they get shipped the buyer would have to pay that. I would prefer local pick up just for the convenience but have no problem shipping if you want to pay. Im moving and dont want to haul them around and continue to store them. Text me or email is best for communication as im offshore. Five Zero Four - 239-1797 or [email protected]

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Sale pending, but ill still take offers if he falls through.
Did these sell? Im In baton Rouge area and interested
Throwback, I have two guys waiting on me to come in from offshore next week to come look at the them. If they dont get them I will let you know if youre still interested. Ill be back in on the 16th so should know something by the end of that week.
Still for sale, someone come and get them.
If I had it I would so buy these, I own a set of 20's but would use these for my blazer, to bad you cant sell kids! lol
Price shipped to 68104? I know its probably not even going to end up worth it. Wish I didn't just buy another truck and decide to redo the back of my truck.

Let me know
what backspacing is on these wheels?
Not sure of the backspacing. Was going on an BD 91.
Damn, ok.

I have bodied 1st gen as well, but have a different rear, etc, so the BS is super important
Not sure of the backspacing. Was going on an BD 91.
nice wheels but cant you just bust out a tape and measure inside the wheel from center to outer edge of wheel and figure out your back spacing from there? there's a thread in wheels/tires and brakes on figuring it out. or take it to a wheel shop?
my dude Gunther is for real

too bad bro. i know how super motivated you are to buy a set of Novas and 20/22x9 would look sick on your truck
Its cool. My truck is so clusterfucked now that I have to pay SUPER close attention to BS etc...These things happen :)
I could man but I'm about 200 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico. I never said I wouldn't. I just said I don't know. I'd be more than happy to do it when I get back onshore. Just not possible right now.
Doing a quick google recon the only backspacing I see for 22x9 is 5.59"
I saw that yesterday. And your rear tires are the perfect size for what I need as well. I wont be able to use the front tires (too tall)
Just curious about the fronts, I believe you can get those with a couple different offsets. When you hit land again, PM me. Stay safe out there dude.
No problem man. I'll get back to you soon as I can get it.
***** no longer for sale *****
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