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Hey guys Check these out,
I won both of these $ 20 each.:jawdrop:
2002 complete ECM
I am gonna have it chipped them chrome plated


2000 Complete intake manifold. Throttle body,Injectors, fuel rail, harness EVERYTHING.
Going to bore the TB and Install Adjustable FPR


Let me know if you would like any of the leftovers. IE: Injectors.

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hmm injectors
I could definitely use some of those and a fuel rail, if your not going to use it.


Do I need a gas mask?!
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litestab said:
what the hell is a fuel rail
its the metal rail that the injectors are mounted too. the gas comes through it. usually the fuel line that comes out of the fuel filter goes into the rail and then into the injectors. some cars are different.And the rail itself is usually mounted to the intake manifold.
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