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2.8 to LT1 help needed.

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I have a 1993 S10 with a 2.8L with a 5speed. It still runs and drives, but I also have a 1996 Z28 Camaro LT1 with 5 speed as well, not being used currently due to collision damage. I am wanting to put the LT1 with the tranny in the S10, what all would be required in order for this to be up and running? I am confused if the 2.8l motor mounts would work, or if they would need new motor mounts for the LT1 or if there is motor mounts that just bolt to the 2.8l motor mounts. Also as far as the transmission goes how would I convert it to fit in the correct spot for the s10 shifter hole? I read about the driveshaft and other things, but I havent found one discussion where anyone is doing anything similar to this, if there is one please link me to it. I am wanting to make this post and post updates as I go along, this will be my first ever swap of any kind so help is needed and appreciated Thank you
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You need to start by reading everything in the V8 Discussion forum. It will have 99% of your questions answered.

Moved to V8 Discussion.
I moved your thread to it. Click on V8 Discussion just below the banner.
It doesn't matter if it's a 2.8 to begin with. All of the sbc's are the same size and install the same.
I'm not hurt at all. If you're as inexperienced as you say, the first thing you should do is go thru all of the build threads. It's called gaining knowledge. Did you even bother to look at the stickies at the top of the page? It sounds like you want to be spoon fed instead of looking for the information.

Edit: Start with this sticky...it's only got 45 pages of responses.

Sorry if I hurt you in anyway, I am inexperienced with doing a swap of any kind, all I was looking for was for some help on what correct parts to locate. I did not think I would be starting a discussion just to plainly be told, to figure it out because someone else may have already started that discussion. That I am unable to locate or find the correct or best suited to my project. I was excited about joining a forum on something I wanted to better my self in but you absolutely just ruined this experience for me. Thanks for nothing
Oh...and just so you know...the report about me that you sent to Admin...surprise....that's me.
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