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2.8 to LT1 help needed.

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I have a 1993 S10 with a 2.8L with a 5speed. It still runs and drives, but I also have a 1996 Z28 Camaro LT1 with 5 speed as well, not being used currently due to collision damage. I am wanting to put the LT1 with the tranny in the S10, what all would be required in order for this to be up and running? I am confused if the 2.8l motor mounts would work, or if they would need new motor mounts for the LT1 or if there is motor mounts that just bolt to the 2.8l motor mounts. Also as far as the transmission goes how would I convert it to fit in the correct spot for the s10 shifter hole? I read about the driveshaft and other things, but I havent found one discussion where anyone is doing anything similar to this, if there is one please link me to it. I am wanting to make this post and post updates as I go along, this will be my first ever swap of any kind so help is needed and appreciated Thank you
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I have a 1993 S10......... 1996 Z28 Camaro LT1 with 5 speed
An LT1/SBC is the most common swaps ever done on an s10 since about 1984. We can all provide a wealth of knowledge, but it does get repetitive every week explaining you need swap headers, s10 oil pan, notch the cross member, recess the radiator, shorten your driveshaft, modify the trans cross member, and then figure out the wiring.

Then again, a 1996 LT1 in my opinion should be left in the 90s. 25 year old wiring is fragile, and I would suggest an aftermarket harness/computer set up such as the one holley makes.

Almost everyone in here daily drives a V8 swapped s10. We can all help. But, literally pull your LT1 and trans, take your s10 apart and start putting them together. From there, it’s all very basic.

I think TRANSADAPT makes a S10 Swap-In-A-Box that has dang near everything needed to drop a SBC into an S series.

But, if it were me, having a few SBC S10s in the past, the LS platform is vastly better in nearly every way for a swap that you can enjoy everywhere, every day, every time.
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