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2.8 to 350 swap

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I've got an 83 with the 2.8 v6 that I want to swap to a 350 small block. I've got the engine. A 350 4 bolt main.

I've been digging in the forums and can't find any thing so I'm asking here.

What all parts do I need for the swap other than the engine?
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4 bolt mains means it's most likely out of a C/K3500 1 ton truck or van. What year is it? Casting numbers on the heads and block?
Since you have an 83 there is a good book that gives you step by step how to. It's dated material, but so is your truck and engine so it is just what you want.
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No, they are different in more ways than just the bellhousing. Gotta have a 90° 700R4. One from an 89-91 V8 truck or van would be the best choice. The last few years they were made were relatively strong units. Use a 4.3L torque converter since those will have a slightly higher stall speed behind a V8.
The 83 700R4's are pretty weak would be toast behind a V8 if you could get it to work. later versions had an auxiliary valve body and other improvements.
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