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I have a '92 Sonoma 2.8L 2WD Manual with cruise control.

The brake lights are not working. Also, the turn signals were not working.

I just replaced the turn signal switch. Now the turn signals work, but the brake lights do not work. :rant:

How do I check the brake light switch? Is there something else that could be wrong?



i saw what you did there!
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well i was gonna say turn signal switch because since the brake light wires are wired through thw switch so it can cancel them out when using turn signals

but since you have replaced that switch already then next thing is fuse, brake light switch and ground in rear at frame under end of bed

under the dash at brake pedal arm is a brake switch one wire should be hot all the time with key off even

that is the brake switch hot feed

when you push down on brake pedal the wire out the other terminal of that switch should be hot

if it is then the problem is between here and the brake lights

full time hot wire should be orange to the brake light switch

and other wire off the siwtch should be white, this is main brake light signal to the switch assembly from the brake pedal switch

it then goes into turn sig switch assembly from there

yellow and dark green are left and right brake light wires out of turn signal switch, runing down the column to go throguh firewall and down frame rail to rear lights

also check the inline connector at end of bed in frame rail back there
maybe it is corroded
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