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1st gen Blazer tailgate pins

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I lost an endgate pin this morning, managed to figure out a temporary replacement to keep the endgate from falling out for now, but I'd like a new set. LMC seems to have new bushings, but I can't find replacement pins anywhere. I found a video on youtube where the guy drills out the hinge pins to accept a larger, universal pin and bushing set, but no part numbers.

Anyone got a source for direct replacement pins, or a part number for a suitable replacement? I don't mind drilling the hinges out if I need to but a direct replacement would be nice.
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Yeah, the dealership's not an option. I found the part number (15989190) but it's seemingly not available anywhere.

People seem to be replacing door pins all the time, so i'm quite surprised to find so little info on the endgate pins. They're unfortunately a lot longer and narrower than the door pins are, I have seen people drill the holes out to accept generic or universal pins like Dorman sells but I'd like to see if I can find an original before making an irreversible modification like that.

I think I'm either going to get on the lathe and make a new pin myself, or just keep my temporary one untill I next visit the US and grab a couple from a junkyard.
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If someone's feeling generous enough, that'd be appreciated. It's a 1990. I'll get some better pictures and measurements tomorrow but here's the surviving pin just barely hanging on.

I heard an odd noise as I went around a corner this morning, and when I got where I was going and opened the gate, it turns out the noise I heard was the other pin bidding farewell as I went around a corner. It was clunking something fierce and I didn't want it falling all the way off and damaging something, so I just pulled it off and drove home with the hatch bungee'd shut.
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