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1st gen Blazer tailgate pins

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I lost an endgate pin this morning, managed to figure out a temporary replacement to keep the endgate from falling out for now, but I'd like a new set. LMC seems to have new bushings, but I can't find replacement pins anywhere. I found a video on youtube where the guy drills out the hinge pins to accept a larger, universal pin and bushing set, but no part numbers.

Anyone got a source for direct replacement pins, or a part number for a suitable replacement? I don't mind drilling the hinges out if I need to but a direct replacement would be nice.
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Not sure what they look like, but maybe you can use the door pin and bushings that's used on the front doors.
Here's a link that you might try: Wholesale GM Parts Direct To Your Door | GM Parts Online You should be able to look up the part number, which you could then use to Google search the pins. You could also check with the local Chevy dealer's parts department for the part number.
He may not have a local Chevy dealer since he’s in the UK.
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