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1st gen 4.3 Taylor plug wires and Walker cat -- So. Cal. -- Best offer

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Sold my '88 4.3 a few months ago and have some parts left over.

These have about 200 miles on them and are practically still brand new. Paid $55 shipped from Summit in May this year. Price is best offer. Doing some garage cleaning and don't want this stuff anymore. Will fit 1st gens with 4.3L tbi.

Located in Anaheim, CA.

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1st gen 4.3 tbi Walker catalytic converter CA legal -- So. Cal. -- Best offer

Sold my '88 to the state a couple months ago and still have some parts laying around I need to sell.

Less than 200 miles on the cat. I had installed it but sold the truck and decided to put my old one back on before the truck went to the junkyard. Bought this in June of this year. It is a weld on type converter. Paid $154 but will take best offer. Cleaning out the garage and there is no room for this. 2.5" inlet/outlet.

Located in Anaheim, CA

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