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1999 S10 ex-cab stepside QZ8 for sale

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I have a 1999 s10 that I got out of AZ with plans to V8 swap it. That was this spring, I no longer have the funds to do this. So I'm selling her. Extended cab two wheel drive, auto, 4.3 QZ8 suspension , rust free, 170,000 miles. runs good. I'm in Wisconsin. Asking $5200
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guy did a spray bed liner, and there is a tailgate, just odd angle of the picture. From the car facts, I think it was a extreme truck that they removed the body work. The option code sticker is gone from the glove box. We also put it on ebay tonight if you would like to see more pictures.
sorry about the ebay add, I didn't read the rules. lack of pictures due to they are on my wife's phone. the only picture I had was the one I posted, its the one I sent to my friends when I got it.
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I ran the Vin. It does not have the V4A rpo code to make it an Xtreme package. It does show to have an open carrier 3.42 rear axle. It is a ZQ8 suspension truck.
how did you run the Vin? I tried and was told that GM dumped the old build sheets. the chevy dealer couldn't get me a build sheet
still cool, at least now I know something about my truck. thanks.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts