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What is timing supposed to be at idle aprox 650 rpm on 1999 4.3 2door Blazer LS auto 4x4.
I put in new distributor (used 2005 distributor) is it possible to be a tooth off TDC or will that trigger MIL. Starts good, idles ok but has a miss under hard acceleration just off the line. If I accelerate slowly no miss. New plugs.wires, rotor, coil (Cap is off 2005) Would the igniton control modual be faulty maybe? Blazer was missing before I put in 2005 distributor I replaced distributor because ithe screw holes for the cap were cracked someone over torqued them maybe. I have only had it a year.

No codes, but MAF is reading 0.000 on scan tool which reads in lb/min. I read supposed to be 5gm/sec to 7gm/sec at idle so does that mean my MAF is faulty if the scan tool reads MAF 0.000 at idle or any other rpm.

I took the MAF off and sprayed with carb cleaner but no difference.

thanks for help
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