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i have a 1998 5 speed S-10 that is vibrating and making a humming noise. i jacked up the rear end and put her into 1st gear. i noticed the driveshaft not spinning in a perfect circle, but more of a wobbling circle.
this problem just started monday morning driving to work. the faster i drive the more vobrating/noise i get. i have posted in other forums and have gotten different answers. some have replied that it is the carrier bearings, u-joints, and unbalanced shaft. being a 2.2L, i do not drive my truck hard. does my truck have a carrier bearing? i looked at the driveshaft and seen a weight on it. how many should be on there? i moved the shaft up/down and front to back and there is no play. the tires were replaced 4 months ago and still have the balance weights on them, so i am ruling unbalanced tires out. my only guess would be the carrier bearings if i do have it. what would you think?

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