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1997 ZR2 Blazer for sale

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These are getting very rare. I hate to let my 1997 ZR2 Blazer go. Had it since new. Been a great great vehicle. Just dont have time to fix it. 4.3 engine has a blown head gasket. Motor needs rebuild or replace. Everything else works. Trans, 4 wheel drive, air conditioning/ heat. In the last couple years I have replaced the shocks, brakes, alternator, all hoses, heater core, Cooper AT3 tires have about 80% tread still on them. Interior looks practically new. Exterior very good. Rust in front of left rear wheel well. Paint on roof needs clear coat.(faded). Black exterior, charcoal interior. This vehicle has been maintained to the tee since new. Only seen sand off road one time when new.
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You're in the Shores?
Yup....I take it your from there too?
Does this one have shift on the console or on the steering column? How bad is the rust?

Where is the shores? Close to Minnesota?
The Shores is in S.E.Michigan. The Blazer has the counsel shifter. Rust is mainly on the driver side rocker panel and as I said earlier in front of the wheel well. It would take a patch panel about 12 X 10 to fix. Matter of fact, I was just getting ready to order the patch panel and rocker from Mill Supply to fix when the head gasket blew. The rocker panel could be fixed or replaced. I planned on having the rust fixed and the top of the blazer re-cleared. I kinda liked having no car payment for 17 years and still having a cool looking and reliable vehicle.(y)
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