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1997 ls swapped roller 4 sale

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current perforformance harness (pd 900)set up 4l80 , cal tracs ,lower with spindle and blocks .spay in bedliner .500$ Floor shifter .hiding tow hitch complete manflow exhaust (pd 1000$) clean truck 5500$ neg
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Dealers selling online often post 50-75 pics of every part of a vehicle. Takes time, but you're more apt to get closer to your asking price if a potential buyer can see exactly what you are selling.
What's with the black plastic parts on the rear and is it the pic or doesn't it fit right?
Some pics of the interior with the bright natural sun shining and those friggin ugly red leds turned off. Looks like the lighting in a submarine before surfacing at night to help adjust your night vision.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts