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Been lurking on here for a few months now and figured I would introduce myself. Purchased my S10 in July of 2020 for 700 as strictly a cheap beater for dump runs, towing my little utility trailer, you know small truck stuff. My gramps had an 01 extended cab with the 4.6 that was nice enough all around. I know the 2.2 is not near the engine the 4.6 is but still can get the job done. Have had a little kia forte for basic commuting economy car so have had no real need for the truck and little reason to spend time or money on it.

When purchased it was registered through to October of the next year, so big bonus there having passed recent smog (CA car) and bonus of not having to pay for a year of registration. Has a leer camper shell granted with a few busted windows, but keeps the weather off cargo when needed well enough. Power steering was out with no cap on the reservoir and clear signs of leakage all through the bay underneath, but who need power steering when you got muscles anyways. Front end damage (broken grill bent bumper, bent fender, bent hood, missing lower bumper cover) as well as some other signs of either collisions or just a rough lived life on the bed panels and a crease dent in the rear bumper, all lead to helping lower the price down. But didn't need anything pretty, had a running 2.2 mounted to a 5 speed and no issues getting home, well besides some sore arms and finding out the FSU was on its way out, although luckily not the hard way.

So fast forward to now, well moved from the bay area where trucks are more fashion than function, to a bit further north in the state (yes still CA I know people from other states it sucks here). Living where it snows needed something with all 4 wheels moving to get around better than a kia forte, so picked up an 83 bronco that runs and drives but still can use some love as well. So don't need 3 vehicles and was thinking well just dump the s10 and keep the kia for the commuter. But truth be told I hate the kia. It's been alright dont get me wrong, but just has had more than a few gremlins, and truly do mean gremlins where I have had stalls and dead cranking that would think okay well battery or alt time, but nope all systems test good and no issue again for maybe 3-4 months until it randomly occurs again. Or one time it stalled and would crank but just no fire, pulled the dipstick to check oil and oil was good, started right back up after replacing the dipstick. So a gutless 2.2 that I know how to work on, because what 10 year old couldn't figure out this simple engine, and a 5 speed that is easy to maintain, that gets already close to the same mileage. Why not dump the kia for double what the s10 would ever fetch and enjoy?

So in sticking with it, figured time to give it that love it has so been needing. Besides the essential maintenance stuff and legal stuff, never put a cent into this thing until now. No plans to go crazy for power and performance. these things still get the basic job done. Hit the junkyard this weekend to get a grill, bumper and lights off a 97 blazer. I know the 98+ swap is popular and not much more work really, but using the blazer still get the sealed one piece headlight/turn signal and I personally like the smaller light better. Didn't grab a fender, partially because I spaced and also because it was hot out, which can be blamed for spacing out too I guess with heat stroke looming. Did grab an e-fan though which I plan to get wired up soon so can remove that clutch fan. I know the CAI is pretty much useless for the 2.2 but ordered an ebay one mostly to just clean up the engine bay and remove that giant fan shroud/intake plenum. Power steering pump was obviously going to be shot after all the miles with no fluid, found the leak to be a hole in the cooling tubing that had rubbed due to the front end damage, so just got an ebay oil cooler to upgrade while fixing. Plan to upgrade wiring with e-fan install. Eventually toss in a receiver and some decent speakers as well. Have a fuel pump replacement to fix FSU issue, no need for inline in my opinion since not racing this thing. Truck is the light metallic stellar blue, my dad used to have a 1500 the same color and always liked it. So think once I have body work all sorted out may give it a full respray but still bouncing around some ideas.

Anyways that short novel above is the basics of it. Don't plan on doing a build thread or anything like that since it will pretty much just be a slightly better than basic S10. But may see me pop up from time to time so figured give you an idea about me.
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