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I am sure this would be the same for the lowers years also, but I have never seen there components before......These are the bell tech part# 3922. I also used the 7203 belltech nitro shocks up front and the #4900 rectangle bumpstops.

Raise the front end of the vehicle and place jackstands under the front frame rails.
-Start on either side-
Pull the cotter pin from the steering tie rod and loosen the nut a few turns. strike the part of the spindle that holds the tie rod. It should come loose after a few hits. Move it out of the way, it should hang clear of everything.
loosen the two nuts holding the brake lines to the upper control arm.
loosen the bolt and remove the sway bar bushing out of the lower control arm.
Remove the lower shock absorber bolt and nut (if you not changing the shocks you do not have to remove it completely)
place a jack under the control arm and raise it up some to releave pressure on the upper control arm. Remove the upper control arm cotter pin, loosen the nut a few turns and strike the spindle where the upper control arm balljoint connects. It should come loose after a few hits.

After you have removed the balljoint from the spindle lower the jack holding the lower control, but do not lower it all the way.
Go under the truck to where the torsion key is located and loosend the bolt holding the torsion key. The bolt should come all the way out. Also remove the metal bracket the bolt threads in to. If there is not enough room to take the small bracket out lower the jack a little more.

Spray wd-40 or alike on the torsion bar where it meets the torsion key and the control arm. With a little muscle the bar should slide out and the key should fall. Here is a shot of the stock key and the bell tech key

Place the new key up in the slot and slide the bar back in to it. Some times you have to play with the height of the control are to get the key in right. I used wd-40 on the new key to help the bar slide in.
After the key is in, put the control arms back together using the jack to life the lower arm to the upper. Make sure to connect back everything including the brake lines to the upper control arms.
After you have done both side besure to install the torsion bolts evenly on both sides. I found that putting the bolts back in the stock location made the truck drop to much. Mine are tighened up all the way to the small metal bracked that the bolt threads to. here are my results.

I didnt show the block install because they are too easy........
email if you have any questions and besure to get an alignment
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