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Just sold my Jimmy I bought and bought a 1995 blazer 4dr. 4wd off a buddy of mine. It was his first vehicle and he abused it pretty bad. Imma do a full tune up and more to it along with a full detail.

Heres what I have in mind.
New battery and alt.
Big 3 upgrade
Fresh Plugs and Wires
New radiator & hoses with fresh fluid
+thermostat and water pump(since the old ones are shot)
Fresh Oil and filter
Gear Oil flush and change
E fan upgrade
Front rotors turned and new pads on front and shoes on the rear
New Intake or K&N filter
BFGoodrich AT's or Cooper Discover ST's
and put my factory ZR2 wheels on it since I have bullet holes on the Z now.
Imma replace the wheel bearings & CV shafts and some time down the line the ball joints.
New shocks
New Headlights
Replace the tranny and transfer case to a ZR2 unit

Im also gonna do and add
ZR2 tbars or crank em
Rear shackles or AAL's
Brush Guard
Magnaflow cat and muffler with new 2.5" exhaust.
Trailer Hitch
Step bars
Mud flaps
And Floor mats with a Nifty style cargo liner.
Detail wise
Shampoo Carpet and seats
Pressure wash under Carriage
And wash and wax the whole exterior.
herculine the frame rails

Anything else I should do that yall can think of...
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